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Saturday, 12 April 2014

淡粉支架斜背包 Pastel Pink Frame Sling Bag ( Sold)

发觉自己最近很疯支架包, 连续做了好多个哦!

昨晚完成的包包, 还是离不开巴黎铁塔的主题哦! 这款定位棉麻也是买了好久好久, 终于遇见配搭得很完美的淡粉点点布, 自己好满意的说! 这一次做成斜背包, 只要换个提把, 也可以当肩背包哦!

I have made quite a numbers of frame bag recently, and have completed another on yesterday night!
Eiffel Tower still the theme of the bag^^ I have bought this panel some times ago, finally i have matched it with the pastel pink polka dots fabric, i love this bag! This is my new try to make is as a sling bag, by changing the handle, which also can be used as a shoulder bag too!

Front view of the bag

Side view of the bag, with PU zipper end

Front view of the bag, with PU sling handle

Bag base

Inner view with strip cotton linen, one zipper pocket

One open pocket decorated with cotton label

Size : Approx 31cm (L, bottom) , 23cm (H), 11cm (Base)
Status: Sold(No Remake)
Made with full cotton linen, fully interfaced, PU handle, PU board as bag base, YKK zipper
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Monday, 7 April 2014

深蓝.巴黎斜背包 Dark Blue.Paris Sling Bag (Sold)

很喜欢这个深蓝的点点布, 我必需承认我是点点布控 (^^)

配搭这片巴黎铁塔布布做成了这个斜背软包, 很随性轻便!

Truly love this dark blue polka dots fabric, which at the same time i have to admit i am a polka dots fanatics (^^)

By matching with this love in Paris cotton linen, i have made this lovely soft sling bag, simple and relax, this is the feeling i want!
The front view of the bag, with magnetic closure and PU sling handle

The closer view of the bag

The side view of the bag, with PU D Ring holder

The inner view of the bag, with one open pocket and one zipper pocket

The bag base
Size : Approx 33cm (L), 17cm (H), 9cm (Base)
Status : Sold (No Remake)
Made with full cotton linen, fully interfaced.
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点点小兰花提包 (客订) Polka Dots Little Blue Flower Handbag (Custom made order)

一个很有心的顾客, 即便我拖延了几个星期才回复她, 配搭了四组布让她选, 她二话没说就选了这组她最喜欢的来做这个包包!

蓝绿色的点点布真的和这小兰花布布衬托得恰到好处! 我也好喜欢这个包包喔, 希望顾客也会满意及喜欢她! 谢谢你, Joyce!

This is an custom made order, i have matched four sets of fabrics for the customer to choose, finally she chosen this lovely set of fabric for this bag!

The tiffanny blue polka dot do perfectly matched with the little blue flower cotton linen which i have bought from Taiwan. I love this bag, i hope the customer will happy with it, thank you Joyce!

Status : Custom made order ~ Sold (No Remake)
Size : Approx23cm (H), 33cm (L), 14cm (Base)
Made with full cotton linen