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Friday, 28 December 2012

Creative Crafts & Art Exhibition 06.01.2013

Dear all my friends and fans, i am joining the Creative Crafts & Art Exhibition on 06.01.2013 (Sunday) organized by Fo Guang Shan Malaysia at Nan Fang Temple.

Please come and support us and hope to meet you there!!(^^)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

In The UK 防水医生口金包 In The UK Doctor's Frame Water Proof Bag

12.12.12, 一个快乐的日子! 终于学会车防水布包包了!
参加Fabric Fanatics 的包包课程, 感谢老师Florence Lui 的教导^^

12th December 2012, a special date, a happy day! I finally learned how to make a bag by water proof fabric!
I signed up for Fabric Fanatic's workshop and many thanks to the tutorial by Florence Lui^^

It is so beautiful, i love it so much :p
This is the inner view
Size : Approx 37cm (widest point) x 26cm (height not included handle)
Status : Not for sale

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

蓝色海洋长夹包 Blue Ocean Long Wallet (Sold)

假日总是过得特别快, 也特别快乐, 因为可以全天做手作^^
今天做了个新款式的长夹, 自己的设计和尺寸, 绝对是版权所有哦^^
这款布只买了半码, 很漂亮的日本棉麻, 做了这个长夹包后, 只剩下小小的一块哦!
原本是要做八个卡位的,怎知有失准, 变成个很特别的七个卡位^^

Time passing by very fast, especially on this lovely holiday. Today is a happy day because i can do handmade^^
I have made a new design of long wallet, my own design and measurement, is copy right reserved^^
This is a very beautiful Japanese cotton linen, i have bought half yard of it, just left a little piece after made this long wallet^^
Initially i have planned to make 8 card slot, but there was mistake when do measurement, and it becomes 7 card slot available^^

Blue Ocean Long Wallet with white PU leather snap button
The inner view, with grey stripe cotton as lining, 1 YKK zipper pocket, 7 card slot and  2 cash slot
Decorated with PU leather label
Keep safe your cards and notes
This is the back view of the wallet
Size : Approx 19.5cm x 11cm (folded)
Status : Sold
Made with Japanese cotton linen and printed cotton
Fully interfaced
Love this item? please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, leave me a comment here or in my facebook, i will reply you soonest possible, thank you^^

Sunday, 9 December 2012

许愿旅程护照夹(客订) Wish For A Journey Passport Holder (Custom made order)

这款英伦风的布非常适合做护照夹, 顾客就选上它了! 外表看来是中性的, 内在却很女人哦!红色水玉棉麻和蕾丝,闪亮的配搭!

This piece of England theme fabric is suitable to make passport holder, my lovely customer has choose it to make a passport holder for her friend's birthday present. From outer view, it looks suits for unisex, but the inner part actually is so girlish with red polka dot cotton linen and lace, what a perfect match! Thanks to Chooi Li for the order, hope you like this!

Size : 10.5cm x 15.5cm (folded)
Fully Interfaced
Status : custom made order ~ sold

爱在巴黎短夹包 (客订) Love in Paris Short Wallet (Custom made order)

很爱巴黎铁塔的一个女生订制的短夹包, 这款布配上粉粉的蓝水玉包边, 我最爱的是爱心满满的蓝色里布,和这个包的名字超贴切的^^

A lady who love Eiffel Tower ordered a custom made short wallet using this lovely fabric. It gives a sweet feel when matching with light blue polka dot bias. I truly love the lining in blue and with so many sweet hearts, it is so match with the name of this wallet^^ I hope you will love this too, thanks to Onncheng.

Love in Paris short wallet with PU leather snap button
Decorated with linen cotton tape
the zipper pocket with 3D Eiffel Tower charm
The inner view with sweet heart blue cotton as lining,  1 cash slot, 4 card slot, 1 zipper pocket and 2 compartment.
Size : 13.5cm x 11.5cm (folded)
Fully interfaced
Status :Custom made order ~ sold

Dream Land护照夹 Dream Land Passport Holder

断断续续地, 这个为自己做的护照夹终于也完成了. 赶不上上个月的越南行, 这个月的曼谷之旅就有它同行了^^

这块布布是不是很美? 就象是走进梦幻世界里, 所有事物都美好!! 限量版, 小小的一块20CM X 30CM. 就拿来做个没发表过的长款护照夹吧!!

I made a passport holder for self use, but unable to complete it last month when i was away to Vietnam. This month, i will bring her along for Bangkok trip^^

Love this fabric very very much, just like the feeling in the wonder land, everything are so wonderful!! this is a limited edition of fabric, and very little size just 20cm x 30cm, so i use it to make this new design of longer size passport holder.

Size : 19cm x 11cm (Folded)
Note : not for sale

Sunday, 2 December 2012

小玫瑰提包 Little Rose Shoulder Bag (Sold)

这个包是用海洋轻便包的纸型,稍微改了一些,加了提把, 又是另一种设计的包包了!

I forgo the chance to wake up late in this beautiful Sunday, just because to make this bag^^
Time passing by, i am making the bag in slow speed, and it finally done at 4pm this afternoon!
I have use the bag pattern of 'Blue Ocean Casual Bag', and do some amendment, by adding a bag handle, it becomes another new design of bag^^

Sweet and lovely little rose fabric bag with PU leather handle

Decorated with cotton lace, and clover rivet button
The open pocket decorated with PU label, and there is a key holder too
The YKK 6" zipper pocket and the magnetic button
The magnetic button closure
The view of inner part of the bag, with plain cotton linen as lining
Please be informed there is a little blemish at back side of the bag, just a tiny one as marked in the picture, because the fabric is originally come like this!
Closer view of the bag
Size : Approx 36cm (Widest point) x 24cm (Height not include handle) x 10.5cm base
Status : Sold ~ no remake
Fully interfaced
Made with full cotton linen
Love this item? please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, leave me a comment here or in my facebook, i will reply you soonest possible, thank you^^