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Sunday, 22 March 2015

蕾丝点点支架包 Lacy Polka Dots Frame Bag

长假之后的第一个布包包, 有一个乌龙故事^^ 这原本是个客订包, 包款我也做了好几次, 信心满满的裁布车缝. 怎知道其中的几片布, 而且是主题布, 就是蓝色小花布就只够做这个包包了, 竟然给我裁错尺寸, 还在车缝好后才恍然大悟的...(摇头中)...整颗心根本就在和彩绘谈恋爱了, 结果就生出这个包来了. 只好让顾客从新选布, 要让她割爱真是抱歉!

错缝的小花布被我剪了一块制做了个小口袋, 让包包有小可爱^^, 可以放卡片和卡哦! 忽然有灵感想要做个小吊饰, 就动手做了个牛皮纸吊饰, 最后决定这是个两面包哦, 随着心情转换, 两面都有小清新的包包.

Made this girlish and lady like frame bag after a long long rest. This is a two sided bag, both side have different design^^

Another side of the bag with handmade tag

side view of the bag, with PU zip end

inside with cotton linen and zip pocket

the open pocket inside the bag

With PU bag handle, little open pocket as decoration

Lovely tag by washable craft paper and lace

Top view of the bag, decorated with lace

Size : Approx 19cm height (not including handle), 25cm length, 11cm base
Status : Available 1pc only (no remake)
Price : RM165.00

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