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Saturday, 29 March 2014

实用间隔手拿包 Compartment Clutch (Sold)

久违的手拿包, 一口气做了四个哦!有可爱风的,淑女风的,你喜欢哪一款呢?
内袋有个拉链间隔,放手机就不怕刮伤了! 还有三个卡位哦! 我觉得这很适合上班族外出午餐时用的小包包!

Such a long time i didn't make any clutch, i have made four clutches this time. Some of them are cute, some of them are girlish, which one do you prefer?

There is a compartment and three card slots inside the clutch, just nice to put in your wallets, hand phone, car key and others belonging ^^

Purple Rain ~ Purple polka dot clutch with magnetic button and decorated with lace-Sold

Kitten ~ Cute kitty clutch with checker bias tape and magnetic button ~ Sold

Roses Story ~ Purple roses in grey background, decorated with lovely lace and magnetic button ~ Sold
Little Umbrellas ~ Pinky clutch with magnetic button, for pink lover ~ Sold

Side view
Inner view of Purple Rain, with stripe cotton linen, zipper compartment and card slots is decorated with Eiffel Tower cotton label

Inner view of Kitten, with red checker Japanese cotton, zipper compartment and 3 card slots

Inner view of Roses Story, with purple polka dot Japanese cotton, zipper compartment and the card slots is decorated with lace

Inner view of Little Umbrellas, with pink polka dot quality cotton, zipper compartment and 3 card slots
Another side view, clutches with handles
Size : Approx 11.5cm (H), 21cm (L), 4cm (base)
Status : Sold (No Remake)

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Friday, 14 March 2014

一个人旅行手提包 Journeys In My Own Handbag (Sold)

喜欢这个包款, 合适的口金支架也刚好有库存, 左搭搭,右搭搭, 终于选了这片朴素大方的防水布,配搭素色的水洗棉布, 保持了我一贯的风格, 那就是顺眼而不喧哗, 低调得来又不失出众的包包!

喝下午茶,看场电影,逛街,甚至出席宴会, 这个包包都可派上用场哦^^ 打开内袋时的一目了然,   绝对没有在大包包里掏了又掏还找不着钥匙的烦恼!

This is the second bag with this design, but this time i have use water proof fabric to made it. Love this piece of fabric, simple yet elegant!

The front view of the bag, with PU handle, two big open pockets

Decorated with vintage key charm

The side view of the bag, with quality YKK Zipper.

The inner view of the bag, with washed brown stripes cotton, one zipper pocket.

The big open pocket inside the bag, decorated with beautiful leather label.

Size : Approx 22cm (L), 20cm (H) not include handle, 10.5cm (base)
Status : Sold (No Remake)
Materials includes water proof fabric, thick cotton, fabric stabilizer, PU handle, YKK zipper, Leather label and PU bag base.
Please be informed the outer body of the bag is not 100% using water proof fabric but mixture of thick cotton fabric.

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

音乐猫手提包 Musical Cat Doctor Frame Bag (Sold)

三月份的第一个包包, 还是支架包, 还是个防水包!

喜欢这简单大方的包款, 还特别做了一个吊饰来装饰, 真有名牌包的架势哦!

This is my first bag in March 2014, is a water proof bag!

I love this simple and nice design, and specially made a tag to decorate the bag, love this much!

The front view of the bag, with two big open pockets

The side view of the bag

The inner view of the bag, with black checker cotton linen, one zipper pocket and one open pocket

Top view of the bag

Closer view of the bag with beautiful tag

Size : Approx 21cm (H), 32cm (L) x 11.5cm (base)
Status : Sold (No remake)
Materials use includes bag frame, water proof fabrics, cotton linen fabrics, fabrics stabilizer, PU handle, PU label, YKK zipper and there is a PU bag base too.
Please be informed the outer bag is 90% water proof, whereby the checker fabric is not water proof.

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黄色玫瑰缎带绣 Yellow Roses Ribbon Embroidery


有打算把这幅图拿来当教程, 基本的网状玫瑰和法国结粒绣真的很适合初学者哦!

This is the Valentine's Roses for my self ^^

I wish to use this motif to conduct a workshop on Ribbon Embroidery, the basic stitches is very suitable for beginner!
If you are interested to learn this and are from Klang area, you are always welcome to contact me!

Status : Not for sale

水洗牛皮纸护照夹 Washable Craft Paper Passport Holder

这是另一个在一月份完成的作品. 第一次尝试用水洗牛皮纸, 话说这作品已完成80%之时,因为包边带车得太宽被迫拆了. 原来水洗牛皮纸就如防水布一样, 一旦车错就没有回头路, 只因拆线后会留下非常明显的痕迹.

这个护照夹特别送给一位心地善良的男生, 难得我们素未谋面而他却肯帮我从台湾把手作材料包给带回来,真心希望他喜欢我的小小心意!

This was another project which completed in January. Also this is the first time i try to use the washable craft paper for crafting^^ I have gained an experience whereby the craft paper is just same as water proof fabrics, it cannot be amended if you done mistake when sewing due to the dismantling mark will be obviously seen on the surface of the paper.

I made this passport holder especially for a guy who is so kind. He willing to help and bring the handmade materials that i ordered from Taiwan to me, i really hope that he will love this!

Status : Not for sale

粉色系零钱包(客订) Pink Series Coin Purse (Custom made order)


这三个零钱包是一月份的作品,喜爱粉色的顾客 Penny, 感谢你对我的不离不弃与支持哦!

I have not update my blog quite some times, wow...i really have a long long rest for this Chinese New Year!

These three coin purse were completed in January which ordered by my regular customer, Penny. I am so thankful to have you to continuously support my handmade^^

Status : Custom made order ~ Sold