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Thursday, 6 March 2014

水洗牛皮纸护照夹 Washable Craft Paper Passport Holder

这是另一个在一月份完成的作品. 第一次尝试用水洗牛皮纸, 话说这作品已完成80%之时,因为包边带车得太宽被迫拆了. 原来水洗牛皮纸就如防水布一样, 一旦车错就没有回头路, 只因拆线后会留下非常明显的痕迹.

这个护照夹特别送给一位心地善良的男生, 难得我们素未谋面而他却肯帮我从台湾把手作材料包给带回来,真心希望他喜欢我的小小心意!

This was another project which completed in January. Also this is the first time i try to use the washable craft paper for crafting^^ I have gained an experience whereby the craft paper is just same as water proof fabrics, it cannot be amended if you done mistake when sewing due to the dismantling mark will be obviously seen on the surface of the paper.

I made this passport holder especially for a guy who is so kind. He willing to help and bring the handmade materials that i ordered from Taiwan to me, i really hope that he will love this!

Status : Not for sale

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