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Saturday, 29 March 2014

实用间隔手拿包 Compartment Clutch (Sold)

久违的手拿包, 一口气做了四个哦!有可爱风的,淑女风的,你喜欢哪一款呢?
内袋有个拉链间隔,放手机就不怕刮伤了! 还有三个卡位哦! 我觉得这很适合上班族外出午餐时用的小包包!

Such a long time i didn't make any clutch, i have made four clutches this time. Some of them are cute, some of them are girlish, which one do you prefer?

There is a compartment and three card slots inside the clutch, just nice to put in your wallets, hand phone, car key and others belonging ^^

Purple Rain ~ Purple polka dot clutch with magnetic button and decorated with lace-Sold

Kitten ~ Cute kitty clutch with checker bias tape and magnetic button ~ Sold

Roses Story ~ Purple roses in grey background, decorated with lovely lace and magnetic button ~ Sold
Little Umbrellas ~ Pinky clutch with magnetic button, for pink lover ~ Sold

Side view
Inner view of Purple Rain, with stripe cotton linen, zipper compartment and card slots is decorated with Eiffel Tower cotton label

Inner view of Kitten, with red checker Japanese cotton, zipper compartment and 3 card slots

Inner view of Roses Story, with purple polka dot Japanese cotton, zipper compartment and the card slots is decorated with lace

Inner view of Little Umbrellas, with pink polka dot quality cotton, zipper compartment and 3 card slots
Another side view, clutches with handles
Size : Approx 11.5cm (H), 21cm (L), 4cm (base)
Status : Sold (No Remake)

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