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Friday, 14 March 2014

一个人旅行手提包 Journeys In My Own Handbag (Sold)

喜欢这个包款, 合适的口金支架也刚好有库存, 左搭搭,右搭搭, 终于选了这片朴素大方的防水布,配搭素色的水洗棉布, 保持了我一贯的风格, 那就是顺眼而不喧哗, 低调得来又不失出众的包包!

喝下午茶,看场电影,逛街,甚至出席宴会, 这个包包都可派上用场哦^^ 打开内袋时的一目了然,   绝对没有在大包包里掏了又掏还找不着钥匙的烦恼!

This is the second bag with this design, but this time i have use water proof fabric to made it. Love this piece of fabric, simple yet elegant!

The front view of the bag, with PU handle, two big open pockets

Decorated with vintage key charm

The side view of the bag, with quality YKK Zipper.

The inner view of the bag, with washed brown stripes cotton, one zipper pocket.

The big open pocket inside the bag, decorated with beautiful leather label.

Size : Approx 22cm (L), 20cm (H) not include handle, 10.5cm (base)
Status : Sold (No Remake)
Materials includes water proof fabric, thick cotton, fabric stabilizer, PU handle, YKK zipper, Leather label and PU bag base.
Please be informed the outer body of the bag is not 100% using water proof fabric but mixture of thick cotton fabric.

Love this item? Please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, leave me a comment here with contact info or in my facebook, i will reply you soonest, thank you^^

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