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Sunday, 30 October 2011

粉红幸福鸡蛋仔 Sweet Pink Wedding Egg Couple (Sold)

这个周末的杰作, 粉红色的它们也要结婚去了^^ My works on this weekend, they are in pink and getting married^^

粉红色就是幸福甜蜜的代表, 最佳的祝福. 如果你在寻找特别的结婚礼物, 这就是个最佳选择了^^ Pink brings happiness and bless the bride and bride groom. If you are searching for special wedding gift, i would like to recommed to you ~ Sweetie Pink Wedding Couple.

对我来说, 做鸡蛋仔最大的难度就是缝五官了, 位置要准确, 重要的是它们是幸福微笑着的哦^^
The most difficult part when making the egg couple is to sew the face reaction, the position must be exact, and the most important is they are smile happily^^

                                              我们结婚去^^ Let us get married^^

                                          婚纱缝上水晶,很闪亮一下, 我却拍不出亮晶晶的感觉...
     I have sew crystal on the dress, is shining, but i can't catch the feeling of bling bling with the camera........

                                          粉红色的蝴蝶结,帥哦!  Pinky boe tie, cool!

Size : Approx 8.5cm tall
Status : Sold

Kindly email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com for order and enquiry, thanks^^

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

紫色浪漫鸡蛋仔 Purple Romance Wedding Egg Couple (Sold)

终于做好了, 看到成品很满足~ 再次呈现给你, 鸡蛋仔^^

Finally done, satisfy when look at the finished product ~ again, would like to present it to you, Egg Couple^^

Size : Appox 8.5cm tall
Status : Sold

Email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com for order and enquiry, i will reply you soonest possible, thanks^^

Friday, 21 October 2011

Giveaway from Homegalhandmade, i have done all the steps, how about u^^

Birthday Giveaway

This year 11th Nov is my 25th birthday.
It's seems a special day for this year, 11-11-11, 3 pairs of 11 meets once in 100 years.
And this years is a new step forward of my life, finished my degree uni life, having a new love life, and many more changes which has make my life more interesting.
I hope i can share those happiness with you all with this give away.

I going to give away the items below:

1st prize
-one rotation fabric cutter
-half meter of linen cotton fabric
-one washable marking pen
-2m+ of canvas material of bag handle
-one 8.5cm of purse frame
-some random bronze charms

2nd Prize:
-one small size glue gun
-2pcs of quarter cotton fabric
-2m+ of canvas material bag handle
-one 2.5cm purse frame
-some random bronze charms

2 consolation prize:

-2 pcs of quarter cotton fabrics
-1m of lace
-randomly choose bronze charms 

what should you do to win the giveaway?
1. Be a follower to this blog(ignore this step if you already is a follower)
2. Add homegal as your friend and Subscribed homegal's facebook:
3. Leave a comment/msg here to inform you had done step 1 and 2

*This give away will end 11 NOV 2011, 11.59p.m.*
*open for overseas craft lovers too*
*Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you when you won, or just make sure your email is stated somewhere in your blog if you linked your blog instead.
and if you're free, help me to spread the news on this giveaway

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

玫瑰花园锁匙套 Rose Garden Key Holder (Sold)

The best and the most beautiful
things in the world
cannot be seen or touched
but we felt in the heart

Love the words on the fabric label, perfectly match with roses fabric and linen, do you agree with me?

Size : Approx 10cm x 8.5cm

Status : Sold with Thanks
How to use : Hang key on the key ring, pull the leather string, keep the key inside the holder.

Please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com for order and enquiry, i will reply you soonest possible^.^

Sunday, 16 October 2011

锁匙的家 Key Holder (Sold)

锁匙有了新家喔^^ Is a new home for key^^

两个锁匙套,各有各的美. 知道要怎么用吗? Two different key holder have their speciality, do you know how to use it?

Hang the key on the key ring, pull the leather string, now your key is safe at home^^

                                           俄罗斯娃娃锁匙套 Matryoshka Doll key holder (Sold)

                                              小红屋锁匙套 Little Red House key holder (Sold)

背面的格子棉麻 Back view of check cotton linen

手缝的布签,我喜欢哦! Hand sew cotton label, i like it^^

                                                想拥有它吗? Do you love it too?

Email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com if you interested to purchase it^^

Size : Approx 10cm x 8.5cm

Status : Sold

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

格子阿苏爱疯袋(客订) Check Sun Bonnet Sue iphone pouch (Custom Order)

又接到阿苏爱疯袋的订单了,这次真的是终结篇了,因为1/4米的乡村阿苏棉布用完了. 用了卡其格子棉麻做盖子, 好漂亮吧? 希望顾客也喜欢它哦!

Received another order for Sue iphone pouch, this is really the end of Sue's series due to 1/4 meter of village Sue fabric were totally used. I used khaki check cotton linen for the pouch cover, is adorable isn't it? Hope my customer will love it too, Thanks for your trust and support, Soo Yee^^

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

小玩意 Charming Earing (Custom Order)

我心中的小玩意, 是一双双的水晶耳饰, 每当完成一个作品, 总会自我陶醉其中^^ 每一对都是费尽心血设计及手作的, 很自豪的说, 我设计及制做的饰品是不重复的哦!

I am excited every time when i finish making crystal earing, watching them with smile and happiness. Each pair of them designed and handmade by myself, proud to say ~ my handmade accessories never repeating in design ^^

碎花布与水晶的故事 The story of flower fabrics and crystal ^^

大胆尝试的不对称耳饰, 我超爱的 A very creative design yea? I love it very much ^^

梦幻的粉晶色, 浓浓韩国风 Pastel pink crystal, a typical Korean style accesories

当蕾丝遇上水晶,效果超棒的^^ When lace met with crystal, wonderful match^^

小黄花也可以很高贵哦^^ Little yellow flower can be precious too^^

for order and enquiry, please feel free to email jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, thank you^^

Sunday, 2 October 2011

幸福鸡蛋仔 Wedding Egg Couple (Sold)

又是个浪漫的季节, 你在寻找特别的礼物吗?

 献给你, 幸福鸡蛋仔(^.^)

A season that full of romance and happiness, are you searching for a special wedding gift?

Just for you, wedding egg couple ^^

Size : Approx 8.5cm tall
Status : Sold

Please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com to place your order or for enquiry, i will reply you soonest possible, thanks (^.^)