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Sunday, 16 October 2011

锁匙的家 Key Holder (Sold)

锁匙有了新家喔^^ Is a new home for key^^

两个锁匙套,各有各的美. 知道要怎么用吗? Two different key holder have their speciality, do you know how to use it?

Hang the key on the key ring, pull the leather string, now your key is safe at home^^

                                           俄罗斯娃娃锁匙套 Matryoshka Doll key holder (Sold)

                                              小红屋锁匙套 Little Red House key holder (Sold)

背面的格子棉麻 Back view of check cotton linen

手缝的布签,我喜欢哦! Hand sew cotton label, i like it^^

                                                想拥有它吗? Do you love it too?

Email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com if you interested to purchase it^^

Size : Approx 10cm x 8.5cm

Status : Sold

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