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Sunday, 30 October 2011

粉红幸福鸡蛋仔 Sweet Pink Wedding Egg Couple (Sold)

这个周末的杰作, 粉红色的它们也要结婚去了^^ My works on this weekend, they are in pink and getting married^^

粉红色就是幸福甜蜜的代表, 最佳的祝福. 如果你在寻找特别的结婚礼物, 这就是个最佳选择了^^ Pink brings happiness and bless the bride and bride groom. If you are searching for special wedding gift, i would like to recommed to you ~ Sweetie Pink Wedding Couple.

对我来说, 做鸡蛋仔最大的难度就是缝五官了, 位置要准确, 重要的是它们是幸福微笑着的哦^^
The most difficult part when making the egg couple is to sew the face reaction, the position must be exact, and the most important is they are smile happily^^

                                              我们结婚去^^ Let us get married^^

                                          婚纱缝上水晶,很闪亮一下, 我却拍不出亮晶晶的感觉...
     I have sew crystal on the dress, is shining, but i can't catch the feeling of bling bling with the camera........

                                          粉红色的蝴蝶结,帥哦!  Pinky boe tie, cool!

Size : Approx 8.5cm tall
Status : Sold

Kindly email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com for order and enquiry, thanks^^

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