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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

小玩意 Charming Earing (Custom Order)

我心中的小玩意, 是一双双的水晶耳饰, 每当完成一个作品, 总会自我陶醉其中^^ 每一对都是费尽心血设计及手作的, 很自豪的说, 我设计及制做的饰品是不重复的哦!

I am excited every time when i finish making crystal earing, watching them with smile and happiness. Each pair of them designed and handmade by myself, proud to say ~ my handmade accessories never repeating in design ^^

碎花布与水晶的故事 The story of flower fabrics and crystal ^^

大胆尝试的不对称耳饰, 我超爱的 A very creative design yea? I love it very much ^^

梦幻的粉晶色, 浓浓韩国风 Pastel pink crystal, a typical Korean style accesories

当蕾丝遇上水晶,效果超棒的^^ When lace met with crystal, wonderful match^^

小黄花也可以很高贵哦^^ Little yellow flower can be precious too^^

for order and enquiry, please feel free to email jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, thank you^^

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