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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

格子阿苏爱疯袋(客订) Check Sun Bonnet Sue iphone pouch (Custom Order)

又接到阿苏爱疯袋的订单了,这次真的是终结篇了,因为1/4米的乡村阿苏棉布用完了. 用了卡其格子棉麻做盖子, 好漂亮吧? 希望顾客也喜欢它哦!

Received another order for Sue iphone pouch, this is really the end of Sue's series due to 1/4 meter of village Sue fabric were totally used. I used khaki check cotton linen for the pouch cover, is adorable isn't it? Hope my customer will love it too, Thanks for your trust and support, Soo Yee^^

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