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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dream Land护照夹 Dream Land Passport Holder

断断续续地, 这个为自己做的护照夹终于也完成了. 赶不上上个月的越南行, 这个月的曼谷之旅就有它同行了^^

这块布布是不是很美? 就象是走进梦幻世界里, 所有事物都美好!! 限量版, 小小的一块20CM X 30CM. 就拿来做个没发表过的长款护照夹吧!!

I made a passport holder for self use, but unable to complete it last month when i was away to Vietnam. This month, i will bring her along for Bangkok trip^^

Love this fabric very very much, just like the feeling in the wonder land, everything are so wonderful!! this is a limited edition of fabric, and very little size just 20cm x 30cm, so i use it to make this new design of longer size passport holder.

Size : 19cm x 11cm (Folded)
Note : not for sale

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