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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

小毛衣冰箱贴 Little Sweater Fridge Magnet

五颜六色的小毛衣加入冰箱贴的行列了^^ The colorful little sweater had join to the fridge magnet ranks^^

用棉线编织的毛衣,加上可爱造形的纽扣, 有煞到你吗? ^.^
The sweater are knitted using yarn, by add on cute button, are you fall in love with them?^.^

                                                        甜蜜可爱粉红色 Sweetie Pink

                                                       朴实顺眼卡其色 Simple Khaki

                                                         大自然绿色 Natural Green

                                       背面是这样滴^^ This is how the reverse side looks like

当我们同在一起^^ When we are together^^

当我们贴在冰箱上的时候, 好可爱吧? When we are on the fridge, are we lovely?

Size : Approx 6.5cm long, 11cm from sleeve to sleeve

For order and enquiry please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, i will reply you soonest possible^^, if you want it to be your choice of color, do tell me, i can custom made for you^^ Thank you!

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