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Sunday, 11 March 2012

粉红芭蕾护照套 Pink Ballet Passport Holder

第一个护照套终于诞生了! Woohoo..my first passport holder born!

它诞生的过程是波折重重的, 原本是用铺棉,效果特怪,就把它拆了,当时的心情是很沮丧一下的. 过后要烫上薄衬时, 又眼花把衬的反面当正面,把烫斗都沾满了胶, 费劲清理了好一阵子哦!

But the process for this production were with some obstacles. Firstly i was using batting, but the result is bad so i redo again. I was a bit dispirited. When i want to iron on the fabric stabilizer, i was blur and my iron was full of glue because i accidently put my iron on the glue side :( so i need to clean up the iron and take quite some time..

还好过后就一切顺利了, 成品还不错看吧? 把它送给自己了:)
Luckily after that everything back to the normal, i successfully complete it and satisfied with the final product, it is a gift for my self :)

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