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Thursday, 21 June 2012

女孩日记手拿包(客订) Girl's Diary Wristlet (Custom Made Order)

好美的一块布,因为要取图,量了好久,想了好久,最后把心一横, 一刀把它剪下去了...成品很美吧?沾沾自喜的说:) 希望顾客也喜欢它哦!

A very nice piece of fabric, I used quite some time to measure and decide how to cut the fabric due to the motif selection...how do you think about the end product? lovely? :) Hope the customer will love it too!

Cutie Girl and the kitty, and the love shape snap button
The excellent quality of YKK zip and blue stripe cotton inner fabric
The two open pocket and the fabric tape decoration
The view when open up the cover

Size : 19cm (L) x 10cm (H)


  1. Love it! very nice, truly like this fabric, :).

  2. ya..this fabric is really nice :)