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Monday, 10 June 2013

玫瑰盛开提包 Blossom Roses Handbag

三月份从台湾把这本书~《来玩支架口金包》 带回来后,就很想要做的包包。还有这块美布,盛开玫瑰的日本棉麻,也是我向台湾的老师买的。老早就想把这美布和在我家待了好一阵子的紫藕点点布配对了哦^^

话说这包是真的满挑战的,裁布也耗了不少时间啊!把书捧着看了又看,斟酌再斟酌,终于在战战兢兢下把她给完成了。很满足,虽然结果是从医生口金包变成了另一款包 。想必问题真的出现在于拉链太短了吧? 还是支架穿入布的空间太窄了? 答案必须在下次,再次提起劲来做一个才会揭晓吧?


I bought a handmade book from Taiwan and planned to make this bag since March. I also bought this piece of beautiful roses fabric from my teacher in Taiwan, and thinking to match it with the pastel purple polka dot cotton linen which i have bought quite some times from Thailand^^

 There were many obstacles when i made this bag, i spend quite long hours to complete it. I satisfied, although the end product is different from the original design ~ a doctor frame bag. There are few reasons behind : the zip is out of size? it should be longer ? the frame insertion space is too narrow? The answer will be there, some day when i make another bag with same design^^

I have presented this lovely bag to my mom, and this is especially made for her^^ hope she love it!

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