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Monday, 8 July 2013

手作饰品 (客订) Handmade Jewelry (Custom made order)

有一点艺术家脾气的手作人,就是我。在顾客三催四请后终于肯动手做的饰品,真不好意思,让您久等了。谢谢你一直以来的鼓励及支持,晓芬~ 她要求以红色为主题, 希望你会喜欢!

I am so sorry to let you wait for so long, many thanks to you ~ Xiao Fen, for the encouragement and support of my handmade^^
She requested the bracelet and anklet in red theme, hope you like them!

Orange red bracelet with ribbon charm and bronze chain

Anklet with rose charm and bronze chain

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