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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Handmade Journal 31/05/2014 ~ 01/06/2014 handmade bazaar Centre Point, Bandar Utama

过去的一个半月在忙着准备参加手作市集的作品, 没有时间为作品拍照, 第一天一完成摆设就赶紧拍些照片留念!
这次的收获很丰富, 认识了一些手作人, 还可以和顾客朋友交流!市集后的几天都陆续接到顾客鼓励的电话和信息, 也接了几个订单哦! 好开心!

For the past one and a half month i was busy to prepare the handmade products to be exhibit at the handmade bazaar. During that period, i didn't have any chances to take photos of the products, however i manage to take some photos after i had done setting up of my booth.

Jig Fox Doctor Frame Sling Bag - Sold with thanks

Washable Craft Paper Passport Holder

Ribbon Embroidery compact mirror

Key holders

Card holders

Frame purse
Below are handmade by other crafters^^

Handmade Fashion Accessories made by Gerald & Daren ~ Elegant Concept Store

Decoupage from SuNi Art & Crafts

Coffee for coffee lover!

Handmade accessories from Red Vanda

Socks Dolls

Plush toy from Homycat

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