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Saturday, 5 December 2015


大家好吗? 好久没回来了! 不在的这一段日子到了一个陌生的地方去生活和工作, 不得不和大家短暂的告别.
Hey guys, i am back! Share with you my handmade stuff after being disappear for such a long period :)

和大家分享这段时间我玩些什么手作? 来赏图吧!

Felt kit from Daiso, really enjoy while making this cute cake

Felt kit from Daiso, i guess this is a yogurt fruit pie?

All of them looks yummy!

Needle work

Completed with ribbon embroidery, is this looking good?

Cross stitch!

Mermaid in purple :)

Little coin purse ~ tutorial from internet, but the plastic that i inserted is too soft, a harder plastic will give better result!

Decorated my bag with this cutie coin purse !

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