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Thursday, 28 July 2011

苏姑娘手机袋与水晶戒指的故事 All About Ms.Sue handphone pouch & Crystal Ring

缝了几天几夜的苏姑娘手机袋终于诞生了!尝试了第一次的滚边,天下无难事,我做到了!迫不及待拿出来跟你分享,漂亮吗?Sewing this handphone pouch for few days, fuh..finally done! Can't wait to share it with you, lovely?
里布用了点点水玉棉布,还缝上了皮搭扣。I used brown color polka dot cotton for inner fabric and sew on the leather snap button.
这是背面,和正面一样可以看到阿苏在晒衣服哦!两个字可形容此刻的心情~ 雀跃^^This is back view, same as front view, you can see Ms.Sue is hanging clothes, got one word to describe my feeling now ~ exciting^^

接着水晶戒指隆重登场咯!它的诞生有好一段时间了,我却没有给它亮相的机会。现在它找到了欣赏它的人,我就做个笔记做纪念哦!Now is the show time for the crystal ring, i have done it quite some times but yet to share with you. It already been sold to someone who love it^^
                                                                       已售出 (Sold)

如果我不说,你知道它是一枚戒指吗?我用了包扣的概念,再用水晶缝上独一无二的图案,与众不同的戒指就出生了!忍不住想再问你,漂亮吗?If i didn't mention, do you know it is a ring? I apply the concept of fabric button and sew on crystal with unique motif, a special ring being born! Again i am asking, is it lovely?

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