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Thursday, 11 August 2011

手机的新衣 Handphone Pouch Again

I have made few handphone pouch and so exciting to share with you, but unfortunately my laptop hardisk corrupted and need to repair, i finally get it back this morning.

现在就秀一秀我的杰作咯!...Now is the showtime for my works ^^
这是蓝色格子配搭素棉麻,清新纯朴的风格. This is blue checker matching with plain linen, a very simple and refreshing design, i'm loving it :)

里布依然是我喜爱的粉蓝色点点水玉哦! 用报纸棉麻做滚边. I use light blue base polka dot as inner fabric and cover the edge with news paper printed cotton linen.

接着是甜入心坎的红水玉棉麻配搭素棉麻,滚边用和里布一样的粉红水玉,可爱风. The next is sweet pink polka dot cotton linen match with plain cotton linen. I cover the edge using the pink polka dot cotton fabric which is the same with the inner fabric.

皮搭扣缝得很工整啦! Very neat and tidy sewing of the leather snap button ^^

又做了一个阿苏的,这是顾客看到我之前的作品订购的,唯一不同的是皮搭扣的设计,我用百分之百的诚意来完成它哦! 向Xi Jin说声谢谢你的支持! I have made another Ms.Sue, this is an order from a customer, the different with the previous one is the design of the leather snap button, i made this with my passion and patient ^^ Would like to thank Xi Jin for your support and trust!



Status : Ms.Sue (brown) - Sold
Pink Polka Dot - Give Away
Blue Check - Give Away

Measurement : Approx 13cm x 8cm

Pls contact me via jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com if you interested to purchase. Thank you!

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