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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

兔娃娃婴儿鞋(客订) Bunny Baby Shoe (Custom order)

看着这双可爱婴儿鞋,越生欢喜心. 针织和布艺结合的火花,在我看来是闪耀璀灿的=) 希望顾客也一样,喜欢我这一次的作品哦!

I am happy looking at the baby shoe, this is the sparkling of combination of crochet and fabric craft, so beautiful, so attractive=) Hoping the customer will like it too!

兔娃娃的背面有个别针,不把兔娃娃別上的鞋子就如下图, 一样可爱(^_^).
I have added a brooch behind the bunny, the shoe will be look like picture as below if remove the rabbit brooch, it looks cutie too (^_^)

木钮扣和鞋子协调地搭配, 看起来好舒服哦! The wooden button match perfectly with the shoe, is adorable!

Size : Approx 11cm x 5.5cm
Suitable for baby from 0 to 6 mths.

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