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Saturday, 20 August 2011

阿苏系爱疯了(客订) Ms.Sue Series iPhone Pouch (Custom order)

这个星期里空余时间都'奉献'给阿苏了:) 三个顾客都爱阿苏, 我只好把可掀式的盖子用不同的布料来缝制.这样一来每个手机袋才有特色,才有辩识度. 希望顾客也喜欢我为他们细心搭配的成品.

I have used all the spare time in this week to sew three Ms,Sue Iphone pouch. Wondering why everybody love Sue so much? I used different type of fabric for the cover so that each of them are special and easy to differentiate. Really hope customers will love them too.

谢谢Xi Jin 和她的同事们的支持与信任哦! Thanks to Xi Jin and her colleagues support and trust^^

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