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Saturday, 27 August 2011

每个人都爱的苏手机袋(客订) Everybody loves Sue Phone Pouch (Custom order)

当接到这个订单的那一刻,脑子第一个念头就是~怎么又是她? (^_^) 也许这款布料太讨喜了,又或许阿苏确实人见人爱, 确定的是我再次把它完成了. 这回盖子用的是浅褐色的水玉, 依顾客的要求用魔术贴取代了磁扣. 这个袋子是顾客为她的Samsung新手机所订做的, 尺寸要比爱疯来得大些. 此刻只希望顾客会满意, 想必这是接客订包最担心的事了.

My first thinking when received this order was~why her again? (^_^) Maybe is because of the lovely fabric motif, maybe because Sue is a lovely lady, but certainly i made it again. This time the cover is light brown polka dot, replace the magnet button with valcro that requested by the customer. The pouch is specially custome made to fit my customer new Samsung phone, so the size will be slightly bigger than iphone. At this moment, just hoping the customer will like the pouch ^^ Thanks Alisia =)

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