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Monday, 26 December 2011

一份礼物 A Gift

一份小小的心意,给妹妹的新HTC手机的家. A small gift for my sis new HTC phone.

时间的关系,这个手机袋有多处的小瑕疵,妹妹你可别介意啊! Because of rush hour, this pouch have few little blemish, hope my sis don't mind^^
                                          妹妹自选的布料, 可爱狗棉布配搭卡其格子棉麻
  My sis own selection of fabric, cute doggy cotton matching with khaki check linen cotton
希望妹你满意欢喜哦^^ Hope my sis is satisfied and happy with the pouch^^

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