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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

zakka 锁匙圈 Zakka Key Chain (Sold)

材料买齐了,就迫不及待地做了几个zakka 锁匙圈, 各有各的美, 好喜欢^^
Gather the necessary materials, can't wait longer to make zakka key chain, each of them with different theme, i like them so much^^

蕾丝与幸运树 Lace with Lucky Tree (Sold)


悠闲时光织带与芭蕾女孩 Leisure Time Cotton Tape with Ballet Girl (Sold)

蕾丝与复古玫瑰 Lace with Vintage Rose (Sold)
美丽家园织带与复古钥匙 Sweet Home Cotton Tape with Vintage Key (Sold)

Size : Approx 14cm from top of key chain to bottom of Cotton tape / Lace
Status : Sold

For enquiry and order please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, i will reply you soonest possible, thanks^^

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