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Sunday, 1 July 2012

丹宁系手机袋 Denim Series Handphone Pouch (Sold)

不久前向快乐妈妈买了一块漂亮的牛仔布,就有了概念,配上蓝色系的海军棉麻一定很好看. 这两个手机袋就诞生了! 牛仔布有点厚,车缝提把时还有一支针壮烈牺牲了...成品很好看,所以我也很开心 :)

I have bought a piece of jeans fabric from Happymama recently, i have an idea in my mind, if matching it with the blue series of navy cotton linen, the result must be good. So that i have made these two handphone pouch :) The jeans fabric is thick, i have broken a needle when sewing too..but the end product is so adorable, so i am really happy with it :)

Denim Handphone Pouch Type A (Sold)
Denim Handphone Pouch Type B (Sold)
The inner view~magnetic button and Blue stripe inner fabric
The removable handle can be used as a key fob too!
Size : 14cm (H) x 8.5cm (L) x 2cm base
Made with quality batting to protect your phone, it can fit HTC,Samsung smart phone and iphone as well.
Status : Sold with thanks
If you are interested on this item please contact me by email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com or leave me a comment or facebook me! I will reply you soonest possible, thank you!

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