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Saturday, 21 July 2012

幸福四叶草长夹包 Green Clover Long Wallet

在网上下载了这个长夹包的制作方法,就老老实实的, 跟着步骤做了一个. 发觉尺寸可以调整之余, 卡位和拉链也可以调整哦..我便改良了一下, 今天就来和大家分享!

I have downloaded the making method of this long wallet and start to make one, i realized the size of the wallet, the design of card slot and zipper pocket can be modified to become better...so i decided to modify it, sharing with you my new handmade project ~ the long wallet :)

外观除了裁布不同, 尺寸稍改之外, 没多大的分别 There is not much different of outer view, besides the fabric placement and the size is slightly smaller
原来的设计,六个卡位,两个钞票位, 和20厘米的拉链口袋, 好长啊! The original design with 6 card slots, 2 cash slots and a 20cm zipper pocket, is too long!
改良后的设计,八个卡位,两个钞票位, 和15厘米的拉链口袋 The modified design with 8 card slots, 2 cash slots and a 15cm zipper pocket
妈妈说这块布很美, 所以我把改良版的送给妈妈了 :) 原始版的就做珍藏吧! My mom said this fabric is beautiful, so that the modified design has been present to my mom :) I keep the original design for own use :p


  1. Hi, may i kno how much is this?

  2. Hi FoonGz, this is not a ready stock ya, the price is RM80 not including postage. Thanks (^^)

  3. .thanks for sharing

  4. Anonymous,you are welcome (^^)