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Saturday, 27 October 2012

猫眯蕾丝斜背包 Kitty Lace Sling Bag (Sold)

现实中的我,是不喜欢猫的, 很多次了,在咖啡店里,当猫从我的脚下走过时, 那毛绒绒的感觉常把我吓得从椅子上弹跳起来, 真为难了和我同桌的人,呵呵...

但我却对印有猫儿图案的布布情有独钟哦, 就象这块布一样^^ 这个作品是新尝试, 有漂亮吗? 用了很多时间和心血的包包,在缝制的时候, 就一直在卖与不卖之间交战着.

最后,还是决定为她找寻新的主人, 等待ing...

I don't like cat at all in reality, but i love those fabric with kitty cat printing, just like this beautiful piece of fabric^^

This is my very first sling bag and a new try. Used so many hours and effort to make this bag, i was thinking over and over, to sell or not sell this bag?

Finally, my decision is to find a new owner for her, bring her back if you love her^^

Kitty Lace sling bag with PU leather handle
With 10" YKK zipper as closure and genuine leather zip end
The base of the bag, very spacious
PU leather D Ring holder
With one 6" YKK zipper pocket inside
A big open pocket inside
There is a big open pocket at the front too, decorated with PU leather snap button closure
Size : Approx 28cm (L), 18cm (H), 8.5cm (Width)
Status : Sold

Made with cotton linen and Japanese cotton
Fully interfaced
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