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Saturday, 3 November 2012

马卡龙甜点长夹包 Sweet Macarons Long Wallet (Sold)

又一个粉红主题的长夹包, 我真的很喜欢粉红色!

甜甜的粉红色, 饼干和马卡龙, 这块布布是我个人好爱好爱的^^

Another wallet in pink, i am really a pink lover!

Sweetie pink, biscuits and macarons, i love this fabric very much^^
I have used quite some times for the placement of the fabric to make this wallet, this is a must do step in order to get a nice and beautiful product!

Sweetie pink long wallet with PU leather snap button closure
With 1 zipper pocket decorated with beautiful lace
With 8 card slots, 2 cash slots, pastel pink stripe cotton as lining
This is the back view
Size : Approx 20cm x 10cm (folded)
Status : Sold (no remake)
Made with Japanese cotton and printed cotton
Fully interfaced

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  1. Hi I've just bank in today orh. all the info are sent via email. Hope to get it reply ASAP. Thank you!: )

  2. Hi Jasmine, thanks for the payment and noted your email. I will send the wallet to you on Monday, thanks much for support and trust^^