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Monday, 8 September 2014

芭蕾系零钱包 Ballerina Coin Purse (Custom made order)

之前参与手作市集接的订单,迷迷摸摸的大概在八月分完成了, 虽然只是三个小品, 也一定要留下记录, 在我的手作旅程里(^^)
小插曲...顾客有个特别的名字 Yema Moy, 她介绍自己时说她是日本人,我还瞪大眼睛一脸惊讶的相信她, 原来和后来,这其实真的是个特别的名字, 她是个道地马来西亚人, 谢谢你哦!

Customer order in June's handmade event, and i completed in August..ooo..what a low speed!  They are just 3 little coin purse, but they are part of my handmade journey(^^) Thanks to Yema Moy, a lovely teacher for your order!

 Status : Custom made order ~ sold

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