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Monday, 8 September 2014

小玫瑰提包 Little Roses Handbag (Sold)

这其间许久没来, 在忙什么? .....忙着去手作市集的作品咯! 小玫瑰提包是主角(^^)
在构思和配搭时,就非常肯定这会是个很漂亮的宝贝, 小玫瑰花布是Yuwa日本棉布, 一年多了, 终于收起不舍的心, 剪布缝包.

昨天, 她遇见了新主人, 看见新主人爱她的神情, 我真的很感动. 谢谢你哦, Ling!

Sew this bag for handmade event held on 6 & 7 September, 2014.
I am certain this will a beautiful and lovely bag while i have the idea and doing the fabric matching. Bought this lovely Yuwa Japanese Cotton from Taiwan one and a half years back, now is the time for her to show loveliness (^^)

Status : Sold (No Remake)

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