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Sunday, 29 April 2012

咖咖与戴安~天使鸡蛋仔 Angel Eggy~Guar Guar & Dian (Sold)

2012年的开始,就有个想法,要创作天使鸡蛋仔. 2012年的今天,他们诞生了. 欢呼!
I have an idea to make the angel eggy from the beginning of year 2012. Today, 29th April 2012, they being created! Woohoo!

图样在脑子里想象了一遍又一遍, 画在纸上的也有好几遍, 如今把他们握在手上了:) 他们就是守护天使 :)  蓝色的是咖咖, 粉红的是戴安.
I have repeating imagine the image of the eggy, and draw them out few times too, now i am holding them in my hand :)They are the Guardian Angel, the blue one is Guar Guar and the pink is Dian.

我是童心未泯, 他们充满了童趣, 还为他们取了名字!
I feel my self back to childhood, they are childishness, i even gave them a name!

为什么是咖咖和戴安? 因为是从英文名字翻译的. 而英文名字是把Guardian这个词汇分开而来的. 有特别吗?
Why call Guar Guar and Dian? Because this is translate from the English name, and Guar Guar and Dian is the separation of Guardian, special enough?

They are full of love, caring, happiness and protection, watching over you, guide you when you are in doubt, do you willing to bring them home?

Size : Approx 7cm from the top of the light circle
Status : Sold
For more details and inquiry please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, i will reply to you soonest possible:) thank you.

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