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Monday, 23 April 2012

幸福ing 鸡蛋仔 Wedding Egg Couple (Customer Order)

又完成了一对客订鸡蛋仔, 又是个浪漫幸福的季节了, 就再次不厌其烦地告诉大家,每一次缝制鸡蛋仔的心情是有多开心和温馨:)
Completed another pair of customer ordered Wedding Egg Couple, i know now is another season full of happiness and romance. I would like to repeat again, my heart is warm and joyful every time when making this egg couple:)

我爱粉红, 这一对鸡蛋仔也是粉红族:) I love pink, this pair of egg couple also join in the rank of pink pink :)

第一次为新娘戴上长头纱 This is the first time i made a longer veil for the bride

待嫁新娘红红的脸蛋 Rosy chic of the bride

谢谢Kelly的信任及支持, 希望你的朋友也喜欢他们:)
Thank you Kelly for your trust and support, hope your friend will like them too:)

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