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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

粉红海军化妆包 Pink Navy Cosmetic Pouch

这是我接触布手作一年多以来作的比较大的包包. 买了新布就迫不及待,老老实实地跟着书做了出来. 可以及格, 但可以改进的空间还很多. 这也是继小鸟零钱包后第二次缝拉链, 比第一次是整齐多了 :) 只是不知什么原因, 拉链缝上后是呈波浪形呢? 格友们可以告诉我吗...小女子在这里向您讨教了, 呵呵.....

This is the bigger pouch that i have made since a year ago when i started making fabric craft. I can't wait and started to make the pouch by followed the book's instruction after i bought the new fabrics. The result is 'pass', but still have pretty much to be improved :) This also my second time to sew a zip, is better than my first time when sew the birdie coin purse. But i don't know why, the zip is in wavy shape after sew on? Can you tell me if you know the answer? hehe...thanks to you in advance.

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