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Friday, 21 September 2012

可爱系爱疯袋2号 (客订) Cute Series Iphone Pouch Version 2 (Custom made order)

另一批客订爱疯袋, 而且是来自同一位顾客,感激Sun Sun的支持! 希望这次的作品也一样让你满意欢喜^^
手脚很很很慢的我,用了三个晚上的时间才把三个袋袋做好哦, 赶在今天寄出. 昨晚完工,拍照和包裹,已是凌晨一点半, 今天的我可是处于半梦半醒的状态啊!

Another batch of Iphone pouches, a repeat order from a customer, appreciate your support Sun Sun!

I work really slow and used three nights to complete these three pouches. I have send out all of them to the customer this morning as promised. Hope the customer will happy with my handmade^^

这一次, 用点点棉麻做配搭^^
难度在于手缝包边,   用最多时间...
在接缝处加了压线, 效果很美^^

Size : Approx 14cm x 8.5cm x 2cm
Made with cotton linen and printed cotton

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