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Sunday, 16 September 2012

我爱熊小妹婴儿鞋 (客订) I Love Bear Baby Shoe (Custom made order)

好漂亮又一款熊小妹婴儿鞋^^ 希望顾客也满意欢喜!

这款两用婴儿鞋, 最考工夫的就是要做两个一模一样的别针娃娃, 付出的时间和心思绝对不能以鞋子的价格来衡量的! 因为每一双都那么独特, 就因为我的别针娃娃是没有版型的, 都是靠当时的灵感来设计和配搭, 如要我再做一双一模一样的我还真不敢肯定能做到呢^^

会开放给顾客订购, 除了赚钱, 最大的推动力就是热爱手做, 考验自己的创意, 享受成品的美丽和满足感!

A very beautiful pair of little bear baby shoe, i hope the customer will love it as i do^^

This is a two way baby shoe, the most challenging part to make it is to make two similar plush brooch, the time, idea and innovation contributed cannot be judged from the shoe's price! This is because the distinctive of every single pair of shoe, my plush brooch is without any pattern, i have made them depends on the inspiration at that moment, to design and mix matching. I even cannot promise i can make another similar pair of shoe^^

Are they lovely?
Wooden button
Removable plush brooch, can use it as decoration for hat, bag and cloths too!
Size : Approx 11cm x 6cm
Suitable for baby from 0 to 6 months
For more details and inquiry please email to jpreciouscrafts@yahoo.com, or leave me a comment here or in my facebook, i will reply you soonest possible, thank you^^

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