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Friday, 7 September 2012

小猫咪零钱包 (客订) Kitty Little Coin Purse (Custom made order)

爱猫的顾客,选了这款布, 要我帮她做个零钱包. 成品小巧可爱,希望顾客也喜欢!
只是...只是...这包做出来后竟然比预期小了一点点, 纳闷啊...明明就照着上次做的纸型来剪布的...过意不去,就做了一个锁匙圈来送给顾客赔罪哦!

My customer is a cat lover, she request to make a coin purse using this fabric. The product is little and cute, hope the customer will love it too!
But...but..there was an accident...the purse is smaller than expectation...but i have cut the fabric using the same pattern that i used before...feel so sorry to the customer, so i have made a key chain using the same fabric, hope the customer will forgive my mistake!

Set of a coin purse and key chain, really hope the customer will love them^^
Lovely key chain with rose charm
Size of the purse : 8cm x 6.5cm x 3cm
Size of the key chain : 5.5cm long

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